Szechuan Eggplant with Silken Tofu

Eggplant is one of my latest cooking obsessions. I’ve been trying to eat less meat in 2020, and as a result I’ve been exploring more veggies to change things up for my weeknight meals. Prior to this recipe, I’d only ever used globe eggplant (aka American eggplant), and I didn’t realize how many different varieties…

Fresh Thai Summer Rolls

The heat in Toronto has been deadly over the past couple weeks, and I couldn’t bear to turn the stove on and make my tiny AC-less apartment even half a degree hotter, so fresh summer rolls were the answers to my heatwave woes. I actually discovered this recipe in Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cook book (an all-time fave), but over the years I’ve gradually adapted it to suit my own taste preferences. The key to making this dish *extra* simple is storing away leftover grilled meat in the freezer, so that whenever you’re craving summer rolls all you need to do is unthaw the meat and you’re ready to go.